How do I join the directory?2021-03-16T13:22:01-04:00

Head to ‘Submit Directory Listing‘. Login in as a guest and fill out the preceding form.

What are the requirements to join the directory?2021-03-16T13:27:43-04:00

We welcome black-owned businesses, black-founded nonprofits, professionals, artists, groups, and all in between. You are able to join as long as your organization is 50% run by black-identifying people living in Maine. There is no requirement to be incorporated. We are happy to list you regardless of your organizational structure.

Why is my organization listed in your directory?2021-03-16T13:34:43-04:00

When we first launched we identified your organization as being black-operated. If you are not black-owned, prefer to be unlisted, or need to update your information, please contact us. Include your name, your organization’s name, and any other relevant info.

We would love to collaborate on a project with BOM.2021-11-29T16:04:21-05:00

We are in the process of setting up a formal method for collaboration requests. Please check back in mid-Winter 2021.

Can BOM recommend a black business that (insert need here)?2021-11-29T16:09:37-05:00

We recommend that you thoroughly scour our directory before contacting us for recommendations. We are currently redesigning our directory with a launch date in early 2022. At this time, we are almost always unable to make specific, personal recommendations. We hope to provide this service in 2022.

I represent a media outlet and would like to interview a member of your team.2021-03-16T15:13:43-04:00

Contact us with your name, the organization you are representing, your story idea, and any other relevant information.

My organization would like to highlight BOM in our upcoming newsletter, on social media, on our website, etc. Is this okay?2021-03-16T15:16:23-04:00

You are welcome to advertise BOM through your organization. We do require all copy and logo usage to be approved before launch. Contact us.

I sent you a message using the contact form and have not received a response back. What is going on?2021-03-16T15:18:30-04:00

We are unable to respond to all messages that come our way. Otherwise, expect a reply back in 2-3 weeks if we have never spoken before.

I would never support a business based on the color of someones skin.2021-03-16T15:29:32-04:00

Oh boy. Neither do we. Lucky for you, people who identify as a member black race come in many colors.

Can you promote such and such? (Black-orgs)2021-11-29T16:17:34-05:00

We promote organizations in a variety of different ways. It is not as easy as simply reposting to our social media. We are extremely conscious about the content we create, so it can often take us hours to create a post for social media. (Creating graphics, researching hashtags, tagging appropriate accounts, writing impactful copy with an appropriate call to action, etc). With this being said, we only promote businesses who meet the following requirements:

Free Ads

  • Be listed in our directory
  • Are currently partnering or collaborating with BOM OR have submitted information on our free ad request form
  • One free ad per year

Paid social media and website ads

$45 for one social post, featured listing in the directory, and advertisement on the sidebar of the homepage

Contact us for more info

Can you promote such and such? (outside of directory)2021-11-29T16:11:47-05:00

We are extremely conscious about the information that we promote and being that we a Black-centered nonprofit, we focus on promoting Black businesses first. With that being said, we are unable to accept promotion requests from businesses outside of our directory.

Is BOM a nonprofit?2021-03-16T18:13:18-04:00

We are under the fiscal sponsorship of Creative Portland. All donations are tax-deductible using their 501c(3) status. We plan to file for tax-exempt status in 2021.

How can I make a donation?2021-03-16T13:43:33-04:00

Cash donations are accepted online or by check. If gifting via check, please write your check to Creative Portland, with Black Owned Maine in the memo box. Mail to PO Box 690, Saco, Maine, 04072.

Do you accept cryptocurrency donations?2021-03-16T13:45:15-04:00

We are working on it!

I would like to fundraise on your behalf. Can you provide more info?2021-03-16T13:50:12-04:00

We ask that all fundraisers be approved before launching. This includes the approval of copy language, the appropriate use of our logos, and other branding items. BOM will co-promote the fundraiser on our social media channels, newsletter, and website.

How is BOM funded?2021-03-16T14:44:15-04:00

We are funded by individual contributions, peer-to-peer fundraisers, foundations, donor-advised funds, service costs (including advertisements and our outreach program), corporate sponsorships, and bi-annual merchandise sales.

What programs and services do you offer?2021-11-29T16:12:56-05:00
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