Black Business Directory

Black Owned Maine’s business directory is open to all businesses, nonprofits, artists, professionals, and groups residing in the state of Maine. For sake of explaining we will use the term ‘business’ to describe the majority of those wishing to join.

Businesses must be located in Maine and be at least 50% Black-owned. We do not accept chains, smaller sectors of nationwide or worldwide businesses or nonprofits, or independent contractors working exclusively for a non-Black organization. Nonprofits must either be founded by a Black person(s) OR primarily serve Black people through its programming.

Businesses do not need to be incorporated with the state. Nor do they need an EIN number. Professionals working within in non-Black companies are welcome to join if they can be booked with personally.

We offer many benefits to our members, including first look at new programming, marketing and advertising support, business formation support, and many other collaborate opportunities throughout the year. BOM aims to be agile but we do have a few firm boundaries.

Click here for a how to guide for joining the directory. We HIGHLY recommend you view this guide before joining.

Don’t need a tutorial? Join the directory here.