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Felix Hageniamana is Immigration lawyer in Portland ME. His law firm Hagenimana Law specializes in immigration law. He has previously worked as a linguist, translator, and consultant for the BBC and a student attorney in the Refugee and Human Rights Clinic. A graduate of the University of Maine Law School, Felix works as an Asylum Outreach Attorney at the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project (ILAP) in addition to managing his own law firm.

Hagenimana Law PLLC was started as a small-fee law firm to bridge the gap of unrepresented individuals at immigration court hearings. Nationally, only 37 percent of all immigrants, and 14 percent of detained immigrants, secured legal representation. Unlike indigent criminal defendants who are entitled to an attorney at the government’s expense, deportation is not considered a punishment and those who are unable to procure legal counsel must represent themselves while the government is represented by experienced attorneys in the process. This was one of the reasons why Hagenimana Law PLLC was started.

Languages Spoken: English, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, French