Lewiston , Maine
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Elsa Jose – Board President

Elsa Jose is a rising childcare business owner and the President of the Board of Directors for Happy Little Paradise Childcare. She is from Angola/Luanda. Elsa is passionate about caring for children because she sees all children as special, and wants to create that experience in her daily role as a leader. Elsa has been a caregiver all her life, starting with her 7 brothers and sisters, her own son, and now as a childcare business owner.

Maria Baltazar – Board VP

Maria is originally from Angola and is the mother of 4 beautiful children, as well as being from a big family of brothers. Maria grew up in a happy and full house and loved being among children. When she was a child her dear Mother cared for many children to help her neighbors, as well as those who were unable to work. As an adult, she went to work as a teacher and kindergarten teacher in Angola. Currently, Maria is the owner of an up-and-coming childcare cooperative and Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of Happy Little Paradise Childcare.

Palmira Quissanga – Board Treasurer

Palmira is currently the Treasurer and one of the Directors of Happy Little Paradise. Originally from Angola, she has 5 children who she is very proud of. Palmira lovingly cares for children as a License Exempt child care professional in her home. She brings her vast experience and love for children as they are very sweet beings, with a contagious smile. Palmira focuses on their education, nutrition, and overall health while they are in her care.

Hahuque Caporteiro – Board Clerk:

Hahuque Caporteiro the secretary of the up-and-coming childcare cooperative, Happy Little Paradise is originally from Angola- Luanda. When Hahuque was a child, her mother raised her alone, left by her father, because she was a woman. Children always migrated to our house, and my mother provided care as if the children were her own. I always wondered how is this possible? Now that I care for children I treat them the same as my mother. I love children from my community as myself, no matter what nationality or sex is the child. Hahuque cares for children by giving them attention, healthy foods, and partnering with their parents to provide care that is sensitive to families. All children deserve to be treated well because they are the future of tomorrow.

Languages Spoken: English, Portuguese, Kikongo, Lingala