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Waterville, Maine
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S.O.B.L.U is dedicated to celebrating and educating on Black and Latinx identities at Colby College, across the US, and globally.

Students Organized for Black and Latinx Unity is an organization that aims to embrace, maintain, and celebrate the cultural identity and unity among Black and Hispanic students. Through support and programming we aspire to raise cultural awareness, promote diversity, and be a positive presence at Colby College.

Embracing and supporting the various cultural and/or ethnic backgrounds of our members serve as our number one priority. SOBLU works to make the Colby campus more accessible for Black and Latinx students. Dedicating campus events and biweekly conversations centered around social experiences in each of our communities, serve as a mode to highlight the diversity in our club. We support the future of our members by connecting them with alumni and campus opportunities tailored to their interests and needs. And we hold ourselves accountable by offering open criticism of the club from our members during general meetings.”

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Latinx unity members in a meeting