9 Elliott Circle
Glenburn, Maine
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Welcome to The Holloway Group, LLC, a leading independent professional development and consulting firm serving clients throughout Maine and New Hampshire.

We understand that today’s business environment is about quality and reliability, not size. That’s why we are focused on being the best, not the biggest. The heart and knowledge behind our relationship team leads to our unwavering commitment to the highest service levels in professional development. At The Holloway Group, LLC, we run our firm on four simple principles:

Customer Priority: Our customers come first, no matter what.

People Count: We hire the best, we win as a team and we always support our communities.

Operational Excellence: We set the bar high for efficiency, effectiveness and dependability.

Reputation Matters: We always do what’s right. If we say it, we do it, and we do it with integrity!

Service offered are as follows;

1. Communication Training

2. Professional Development

3. Business/Corporate Coaching

4. Customized Management Training

Languages Spoken: English