Portland, Maine
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“Titi de Baccarat is an artist who possesses many facets ­­ at once painter, sculptor,jeweler, clothing designer, and writer.Dedicated to justice in a hostile political context,he was forced to flee his country, Gabon,with only the wealth of his artistic ability.  He has lived in Portland since February 2015. He works through his African identity and artistic expertise to contribute to the culture of the city. He believes that “Art rehabilitates love, bringing together people of all countries, of all backgrounds, of all cultures, and all ethnicities.” In Gabon, Titi de Baccarat’s paintings described the history of the Black Continent. He channeled his experiences of democracy, promoting a culture of peace and solidarity, and denouncing armed conflict and war which have claimed millions of lives in Africa. In the USA, his collection of ethnic jewelry, made with various materials—leather, wood, and assorted metals—celebrates the beauty and struggle of peoples around the world standing to face their oppressors. His collection of clothing for men and women, inspired by the concept of conjoined twins, consists of 27 designs focused on solidarity and humanity. His book, “Ancestral Sexuality in the Forest of Bees,” is a collection of erotic proverbs inspired by his six­ months stay with the Pygmies in the forests of northern Gabon. Titi de Baccarat is currently looking for a publisher. His upcoming works will describe his experiences as an immigrant in the United States: his pain, fear, uncertainty, and his hope for his future here.”

Languages Spoken: French, English