Farming (18)
Falmouth, Maine
Direct Community Sales
Lisbon, Maine
Participates in Direct Community Sales, Kennedy Park Farmers Market, and Fresh Start Farms
"Naturally dyed rambouillet and alpaca/rambouillet wool blend yarns from our farm and other regional small farms. We also carry other wool yarns depending upon what we come across in our search,
Gray, Maine
Community based events that center around food security and education through farming, vegetables, and producing. Weekly "Come on up to the Farm" series include Pizza nights at the farm every Saturday and a fantastic Farm…
Lisbon, Maine
Participates in the Fresh Start Farms and Kennedy Park Farmers Markets
A coop farm operated by four Somali Bantu farmers. They sell their vegetables by way of a seasonal CSA, wholesale, and farmers markets.
Lisbon, Maine
Participates in the Whole Foods Market Farmstand and the Fresh Start Farms Market
Falmouth, Maine
Direct Community Sales
Lewiston, Maine
The mission of Liberation Farms, the Community Farming Program, is to provide new American farmers access to, and culturally-appropriate resources for, the means of sustainable food production.
Lisbon, Maine
Participates in the Fresh Start Farm Farmers Market
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