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Can you promote such and such? (orgs outside of directory)

We are extremely conscious about the information that we co-promote. With that being said, we are generally unable to explicitly share your organization’s programs and initiatives with our members, unless you meet the following requirements.

  1. Have established a relationship with BOM
  2. Donate to our outreach program
    1. We offer a tier level approach, dependent on the amount of work required on our end
  3. Contact us 3-4 works before your launch date or due date

Contact us for more information, including a donation rate sheet.

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Can you promote such and such? (Black-orgs)

We promote organizations in a variety of different ways. It is not as easy as simply reposting to our social media. We are extremely conscious about the content we create, so it can often take us hours to create a post for social media. (Creating graphics, researching hashtags, tagging appropriate accounts, writing impactful copy with an appropriate call to action, etc). With this being said, we only promote businesses who meet the following requirements:

  1. Free Ads
    1. Be listed in our directory
    2. Have previously developed a relationship with BOM
    3. Are part of a specific BOM campaign
  2. Paid social media and website ads
    1. Available in the sidebar of our website or as featured directory listings
    2. As social media posts on Instagram only

Contact us for more info and a rate sheet.

We offer a separate outreach program for organizations outside of our directory.

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