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How is BOM funded?

We are funded by individual contributions, peer-to-peer fundraisers, foundations, donor-advised funds, service costs (including advertisements and our outreach program), corporate sponsorships, and bi-annual merchandise sales.

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I would like to fundraise on your behalf. Can you provide more info?

We ask that all fundraisers be approved before launching. This includes the approval of copy language, the appropriate use of our logos, and other branding items. BOM will co-promote the fundraiser on our social media channels, newsletter, and website.

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Do you accept cryptocurrency donations?

We are working on it!

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How can I make a donation?

Cash donations are accepted online or by check. If gifting via check, please write your check to Creative Portland, with Black Owned Maine in the memo box. Mail to PO Box 690, Saco, Maine, 04072.

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Is BOM a nonprofit?

We are under the fiscal sponsorship of Creative Portland. All donations are tax-deductible using their 501c(3) status. We plan to file for tax-exempt status in 2021.

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