Angela Okafor is a Nigerian born immigrant and attorney. As a foreign trained and American licensed attorney, she worked in the dish room washing dishes because she did not get a fair opportunity.

Currently, Angela owns a law practice, an international market, and a hair care business. She served on the Board of the Maine Multicultural Center, and guest lectured at Eastern Maine Community College. She works with students and business bodies and started an affinity group. She is an occasional columnist at Amjambo Africa. She is a public and inspirational speaker. Angela won the Trailblazer award from Empower the Immigrant Woman.

Months after becoming an American citizen, Angela became the first immigrant and first person of color to serve on the Bangor City Council.

Angela and her husband, Ben, who owns two pharmacies, live in Bangor with their three kids.Committees: Airport Committee, Finance Committee, Government Operations, City Solicitor Evaluation, Commission for Cultural Development