My mission statement is  “Beauty starts from within, Transformation begins with self care”. I welcome diversity, inclusion, and love into my business. With my approach I believe that I am able to successfully create a space of positive energy and self transformation.

For me it is important to be a Black representation for skin and beauty in this industry. I am a Licensed Holistic Esthetician, double certified for both Classic and Volume Lash Extensions. My goal is to create an individualized transformative experience.

During skin treatments I use a holistic approach to provide relaxation, while having a targeted skincare goal in mind. I pay close attention to where you lie on the Fitzpatrick’s Scale to help target skin concerns such as hyper-pigmentation & skin texture. I am continually educating myself and clients with new technology tailored to them. Whether they are in for a skin treatment, or for a glamorous set of natural lashes I’m glad to share my knowledge.


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