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Inspired by nature, culture, travel and more, Avril Williams Handmade has a wide variety of handmade and homemade tools, jewelry, and art. She is inspired by her time traveling abroad combined with her yoga practice and love for nature. And currently their eye pillows and yoga mat bags are sold EXCLUSIVELY only available at Arcana!

Avril Williams puts love and intention in all of her products. Each piece is centered around curating the life and environment you desire. Her goal is to create beautiful products that she would want to use or gift to those she loves, while also offering something that is not only made by hand, but with intentionality. Avril creates a wide range of media which continues to keep the creative process interesting for her: working in clay, with textiles, and watercolor paint all in the same day. She also tries to run a business that is both sustainable and gives back as much as possible; she reuses packaging and tries to source materials locally and she donates portions of sales to organizations that are personally inspiring. Check out her website and other online pages to view and purchase her pieces and to contact her for more information.

Languages Spoken: English
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