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Clubhouse Clothing is a casual and conditioning clothing brand with influences from lifestyle and fitness. The brand was created by Jeff Spekhardt; a college student who began this venture during his Freshman year. The goal, at Clubhouse, is to bring people together through the clothing, as well as allowing them to feel comfort in the company name, “Clubhouse.”

The brand is tailored for people that live, or are on the path to a healthy lifestyle. Both mentally and physically. With the political climate of the world, it’s important to have a brand like Clubhouse. Here, everyone can come together. A movement we can stand behind in sharing the same values. We hope to see you Join The Club!

Languages Spoken: English
Clubhouse clothing Logo
A woman hitting the gym with clubhouse clothing design
A Man wearing a design from clubhouse clothing in the gym
Woman wearing clubhouse clothing
A young man wearing Design from clubhouse clothing