Portland, Maine
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The mission of the Congolese Association of Maine, or COCOMAINE, is to facilitate the integration of Congolese people during their transition to life in Maine. They also wish to promote a sense of unity and fraternity amongst New Mainers from Congo and establish a sense of community between Congolese immigrants and all Mainers. COCOMAINE shares Congolese culture through educational and social events, forums and advocacy. They have a particular focus on entrepreneurship amongst New Mainers from Congo. In the past, they hosted events such as food distributions, holiday celebrations, and dance classes. Additionally, COCOMaine is a strong adovcate for the empowerment and integration of Congolese women both in Maine and internationally. COCOMaine has worked hand in hand with the Maine Immigrant Rights Coalition, the Wayside Food Program, the Immigration and Legal Advocacy Project, and ProsperityME, which all actively work to help immigrants receive the support and resources that they need to ensure unlimited opportunities and healthy living as they relocate and reinstate their lives here in Maine. The current president of COCO is Papy Bongibo. Please contact them by email or social media for more information.

Languages Spoken: French