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Earthy Girls Beauty Was created and established by in 2002 by Cynoria L . Reed . Earthy Girls Beauty is a brand that celebrates the power of natural ingredients and holistic hair and skincare.

Cynoria’s Journey began in 1996 when she worked as a med tech in hospice care. She witnessed firsthand the discomfort experienced by patients undergoing radiation treatments and the challenges they faced with traditional skincare and haircare products inflaming and irritating their scalp and skin, and the fragrances in these products creating nauseous reactions .

Inspired by her patient’s struggle,cynoria decided to create a solution. Drawing on her lifelong affinity for holistic medicine and holistic products, she formulated the Organic Scalp treatment scalp serum and Dry Skin Butter Cream ,intense moisture creamĀ  Ā to provide relief and comfort. The positive response from her patient was overwhelming. Word spread quickly and soon the products were being used by others who were seeking gentle, effective skin and haircare solutions. Cynoria then expanded her product line by 18 more thoughtfully curatedĀ  items such as Broccoli shampoo,Moon Glow Face and Hair Serum, Rooibos Tea facial moisturizer and Aloe & chamomile seaweed facial toner. Earthy Girls Beauty and cynoria takes pride in her commitment to use minimal ingredients and ensure that the products are cruelty-free. Cynoria Believes in the power of nature and strives to create products that are 99 percent vegan and organic. Every product is made in small batches of 144 units daily to guarantee freshness and quality .


When you choose Earthy Girls Beauty, you can trust that each jar and bottle is meticulously formulated,created, hand-poured and mixed with good vibes, knowledge, and love. Earthy Girls Beauty prioritizes the well-being of their customers and the environment, offering skincare solutions that are gentle, effective, and sustainable.

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Languages Spoken: English, French