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With a foundation of Kundalini yoga and Shamanic energy healing, we provide individualized services to assist you with enacting your soul.

Specializing in the arts of energy healing, I address dis-ease/trauma at the root level. Through the use of your own energetic blueprint to maximize your potential, your physical body will respond in absolute affinity towards wholeness. Everyone has the ability to heal themselves, it’s just that most of us lack the awareness and/or knowledge of being able to do so. By living in alignment with your soul there is a constant flow, an inner direction and knowing that allows healing and an expansion of consciousness that is beyond one’s current understanding. That’s where my work comes in to support you. Although, I hold a title as a” healer”, I take no credit in healing anyone. I simply hold space, facilitate and guide the healing process that the individual brings to fruition on their own. The days of relying on something outside of us to make us feel better is gradually fading. As Alice Walker eloquently stated “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” If you are one who desires wholeness, seeks liberation from repeating old generational patterns that no longer serve you, or simply desire to become the best version of you let’s begin by enacting your soul so that you may live out your divine life purpose.



Soul Retrieval

Kundalini Yoga (1 on 1, or group setting).

Languages Spoken: English