240 Bartlett Street
Lewiston , Maine
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Masjid Salaam is a non-profit non political and religious organization that serves residents of Lewiston and Auburn Maine. Located at 240 Bartlett St the mosque has been in services for decades binding communities together. Community members  of the Islamic faith visit the mosque five times a day to observe their five daily prayers. The mosque provides a spiritual space to thousands of residents. other services provided by the mosque include family services including marriages, divorce and funereal services. The mosque also provides educational services to children and young adults including substance abuse trainings and seminars. faith leaders from the mosque work with other community based organizations on the health and well-being of all our communities. The mosque has non discriminatory policy and is open for visitors from other faiths as long as the rules and privacy of the mosque is respected.

Counseling With Imam Abdikadir Abaayle

Types Of Counseling:

Marriage, Religious, Family, Fatwas, Pre-Marital, Youth, substance use

Office hours:

Monday 12:00-3:00 PM

Wednesday Maghrib to Isha

By Appointment Only

Counseling appointments are usually scheduled during the Imam’s Office Hours at SALAM or over the phone. For special circumstances and emergencies please contact the Imam.

[email protected]

Languages Spoken: English, Arabic