Nonprofits (52)
They're a non profit organization that provides financial, social and vocational support to people of south Sudan . Their mission is to partner with grassroots initiatives to empower the people of South Sudan through sustainable,…
The Mission of The Harriet Tubman Movement Coalition is faith in action. We are a Maine-based coalition charged with clearing sustainable pathways to support leadership, personal growth, and healing soul wounds. Soul wounds are the…
Lewiston , Maine
Her Safety Net is a community-based organization that was founded in 2021 to provide advocacy for women of all ages, including immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) communities. While…
Basically we offers a supportive haven, understanding language and culture, providing crucial help, and fostering education for successful integration.
Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services Logo
Portland , Maine
The Hekima Foundationâs mission is to help empower African immigrants to pursue a high quality education with financial assistance as well as mentorship.  The Hekima Fellowship program, created by our team, is a rigorous 4…
Hekima fellowship mentorship and volunteering
Windham , Maine
Chance To Advance is a non-profit organization that strives to highlight and promote the diversity that exists in the state of Maine and beyond through education. Our Mission is to provide a platform for individuals to…
Lewiston , Maine
At IFKA we are focused on positively impacting the community where we operate, the lives of vulnerable and underserved populations, and the health of our region. We combine purpose, innovation, and experience to deliver impactful…
Their objective is to promote and teach human rights in our community school and company's. Provide temporary shelter to people in need clean house for people with disability and for veterans in needs. Support those…
Elsa Jose – Board President Elsa Jose is a rising childcare business owner and the President of the Board of Directors for Happy Little Paradise Childcare. She is from Angola/Luanda. Elsa is passionate about caring…
Lewiston , Maine
Addiction not only affects you but your whole family, We aim to give a path for generational healing by breaking cycles and forging a path for future generations.
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