Portland, Maine
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Rachel works as a textile designer, painter, arts organizer and educator. Rachel has exhibited her artwork throughout New England. Rachel’s work displays her adoration for African Mudcloths, Scandanavian design and American quilts. With a background in printmaking and textile design, she is able to combine the two by placing black and white patterns alongside cut-out shapes of accentuating colors to make one cohesive piece. Currently, she has several art installations hanging in Portland. Rachel’s art installations can be admired at coffee shops, libraries, galleries, and various street locations around the city. Along with Rachel’s installations, her prints are seen on her website with a number of different design strategies, including but not limited to Florals, Collages, Lineworks, Geometrics, and Patterns.

Languages Spoken: English
Rachel Adams painting
Rachel Gloria Adams artwork of a mum and her two daughters
Rachel Gloria Adams artwork of a mum breastfeeding her child
Rachel Gloria Adams artwork of a mum carrying her child
Rachel Gloria Adams in studio painting
Rachel Gloria Adams standing beside her artwork