Newcastle, Maine
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“Back in the days, there used to be a jar of spicy goodness in the center of every table of my childhood”.

The Solsa Original Hot Sauce was born in the Caribbean and it is now hand-crafted here in Maine. Made with SCOTCH BONNET PEPPERS straight from my mother’s garden (still in the Caribbean) in small, limited batches due to the seasonal availability of the peppers.

Following an original family recipe, its overall quality is attributable to the quality of its natural simple ingredients, the most important being our signature peppers of which not every one makes the cut.

The rest of the ingredients are organically grown here in Newcastle and neighboring farms not far from home, everything goes through a similar thoughtful process of hand selected produce.

We also craft seasonal varieties depending on what peppers are available.

This Fall, we are unveiling our HABANERO version that we are very excited about, we call it “HABANICEDAY”. It is slightly hotter that the original with more of a  sharp profile. This one is a “secret”.

Stay tuned, a small batch of HABANICEDAY has been bottled and we are waiting on levels before we can send them out.

The making of Solsa Hot Sauce is a slow process but we are not in any rush because if there is anything that we have learned along the way… it  is that GOOD THINGS, TAKE TIME!

Languages Spoken: English
Solsa hot sauce bottle
Solsa hot sauce in a bottle
Man behind the hot sauce
Solsa hot sauce sprinkle in the food