South Portland, Maine

The River Nile Restaurant is run by Hellen Pickson who grew up in the continent of Africa where she enjoyed cooking and used it as her gateway out of the reality of her war-torn country. Hellen started as a cooker for the South Sudanese community, baking and cooking for events in her general area, and decided to open it up to the public so all can have a taste! Her menu consists of delicious foods for vegetarians, pescatarians, and anyone looking to try something new! For more info concerning pricing she may be reached via email or social media. To get a glimpse of some of her past cooking, visit her official Instagram!

Languages Spoken: English, Acholi, Arabic, Swahili
East Africa food from river Nile restaurant
Fried plantain from river Nile restaurant
potato, goat meat and bean from river Nile
Salad, plantain and beans from river Nile restaurant