Grocery & Convenience Stores (30)
Lewiston , Maine
Jowhaar Store is a Grocery Store located at 250 Lisbon Street, Lewiston Maine . They also sell high quality smart phones and you can also pay your electrical bill or even your cell phone bill.…
Jamaican Food Products, Gifts and more!
Portland, Maine
International meeting place. Exotic foods and convenience store.
Owner of Chez Castel LLC
Newcastle, Maine
The Solsa Original Hot Sauce was born in the Caribbean and it is now hand-crafted here in Maine. Made with SCOTCH BONNET PEPPERS straight from my mother’s garden (still in the Caribbean) in small, lim
Biddeford, Maine
Maria Grocery Stores located in Biddeford Maine. Maria offers all you need for your African Dishes - cassava leaves, Fufu, smoked fish, frozen fishes, salt fish....and more items.
Maria Grocery Store Logo
Offering authentic, hard to find, Caribbean Island products
Caribbean Life Grocery and Gift Shop
Jamaican Food, Spices, Snacks & More!!! "Spice it up the Jamaican Way!!!"
Lewiston, Maine
Somali grocery items and prepared food. (Lunch
Baraka Store front at Lisbon street Lewiston
Portland, Maine
This grocery and convenience store that sells African food items and hair extensions in Portland Maine.
Moriah Store logo
Lewiston , Maine
The Moonlight Store is located at 257 Lisbon St., Lewiston, Maine. They sells chargers, used phone and sports clothes.
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