Frequently Asked Questions

What is Black Owned Maine all about?

Founded in June 2020, we are a Black-led, Black-serving nonprofit with a mission to sustain and innovate an ecosystem for Black entrepreneurs in Maine. Our work is rooted at the intersection of race and socioeconomics, fueled by our commitment to business education and advocacy. We provide Black businesses with the essential support they need to not only establish themselves but also to thrive and grow. We empower Black entrepreneurs with the tools and resources to shape a brighter economic landscape in Maine.

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I heard that supporting Black businesses is racist and further divides people.

We encourage you to dig deeper. Perhaps via Google, the census, history books, or a therapist.

What programs and activities does BOM offer?

We host a directory of Black-owned businesses and Black-founded nonprofits, offer free business advising and technical assistance, and group entrepreneurial training all by nurturing the Black entrepreneur’s spirit through a trauma-informed and equity-centered approach.

Our full programs page is under development.

What are the requirements to receive business advising?

Your business should be based in Maine, generating income (no matter how modest), and possess a clear vision for its future success.

Please note that at this time, we are not working with brand-new businesses.

Does my business qualify to join the directory and network?

Please see our Join the Network page for more info

How can I support your cause?

We welcome and deeply value your donations! Our mission thrives on the support of our community, and your contribution is vital to further our cause. Every dollar or hour you give will directly impact not only Black entrepreneurs but also the broader economic landscape of Maine.

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Can you recommend a business that can attend my event, speak on my panel, etc?

We designed this resource to foster connections and enhance community integration. However, it’s important to note that we haven’t endorsed any specific businesses and aim to remain unbiased. In certain instances, we may offer recommendations if there are limited options in a particular sector. If you’ve gone through the directory and still have inquiries, feel free to reach out to us via email.