Frequently Asked Questions

What is BOM all about?

We are a Black-led nonprofit focused on sustaining and innovating an ecosystem for Black entrepreneurs in the State of Maine, USA. We believe that Black entrepreneurs are best led by Black entrepreneurs which is why our staff and board is made up of individuals who fit these qualifications.

When we say Black – we mean Black. We hope that our organization can be a model for those who hold different identities. This is not to say that we do not find benefit in partnering with non-Black organizations, however we tend to spend more time with those who get it, opposed to those who need convincing.


Can we partner? Can one of the businesses in your directory partner with us?

We only create partnerships when there is a clear and immediate benefit to our community. Sometimes these are short-term partnerships and other times these are long-term partnerships. Overall our goal is to use our resources wisely while also impacting change in the Black community.

We do not participate in affiliate marketing or non-equitable partnerships and we ask that you not disrespect our members (or us!) by asking us to work for free.

Otherwise our Black-business directory is a free resource for community members who wish to further integrate with the Black business community. We encourage you to look through the directory and build relationships with the entrepreneurs listed. BOM is not to be used as a way to circumvent true relationship building. 


Can my business join the directory?

The BOM directory is open to all Black-owned/founded businesses, nonprofits, professionals, artists, and groups. Your entity must be 50% Black owned, located in Maine, and independent. AKA no chains. Professionals working within other companies are welcome to join as long as clients can book specifically with you. Check out this guide to joining the directory

My business is listed in the directory already but it needs updating.

You have two options:

  1. Create an account and we can assign your listings to your member portal. There is no need to create a new listing. After creating an account please email our Directory Manager listed above and he can make the switch.
  2. Email our Directory Manager ‘Etinosa’ with any updates. Don’t forget photos! [email protected]
I want to learn more about BOM. Can we meet in person or virtually?

Meetings are limited to current and prospective directory members, as well as funders and current partners. Please select a time via Calendly.

If you do not fit into these categories please use the contact form to send us a message and we will respond back if resources allow.


Is BOM a 501(c)3?

We are incorporated as a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation in Maine but are not yet tax-exempt but we are under fiscal sponsorship of Maine Immigrant Right’s Coalition. Your gift will pass through their hands and into ours, enabling a full tax-deduction on your end.

How can I get involved?
  1. Donate to our cause. Community financial contributions are the driving force behind our work.
  2. Provide in-kind support. Current needs are as follows (as of 11/8/2022):
    1. Business and nonprofit attorney with experience in DEI and underserved communities.
    2. CPA firm
    3. Fundraising planner with experience in economic development organizations
    4. Financial planner
    5. Blog writer
    6. Grant writer
    7. Marketing firms