Frequently Asked Questions

Can my business join the directory?

The BOM directory is open to all Black-owned/founded businesses, nonprofits, professionals, artists, and groups. Your entity must be 50% Black owned, located in Maine, and independent. AKA no chains. Professionals working within other companies are welcome to join as long as clients can book specifically with you. Check out this guide to joining the directory

My business is listed in the directory already but it needs updating.

We can assign your listings to your member portal. Please create an account and then contact us to make the hand off. From here you can update your listing, create new listings, as well as add events.

I want to learn more about BOM. Can we meet in person or virtually?

Yes! We would love to meet prospective directory members, as well as potential partners + collaborators. Please select a time via Calendly.


What programming does BOM offer?

Black-business directory

Mutual Aid (Family Relief)

Advertising and Marketing Support

Business Support + Resources

We also release various projects throughout the year, depending on the needs of our community.

Advertising and Marketing support? Tell me more!

We offer a range of free and low cost advertising opportunities for Black-entities only. You must be listed in our directory to utilize these services OR plan to join our directory. Head to our advertising submission form for more info.

I work at an advertising agency, radio station, newspaper, or magazine. Can we partner?

We would love to hear from you and learn more about your platform! BOM is actively searching for new media and advertising partners. Please use the contact form to get in touch with us.

Can we collaborate on a project or event?

It’s possible! We are in the process of redesigning what collaborations mean to us but please contact us to get the conversation going.

Can I submit my event to your community calendar?

It’s possible. Community event submissions are for Black-specific events only. You must create an account via our member portal. From here you can submit an event, as well as create or update a business listing. 

Can you recommend a business that can attend my event, speak on my panel, or otherwise offers so and so?

We created the Black-business directory to offer a free resource for community members who wish to further integrate with the Black business community. We encourage you to look through the directory and build relationships with the people listed. 

Is BOM a nonprofit? Are my donations tax-deductible?

We are currently registered as a domestic nonprofit corporation in the state of Maine and are working on obtaining a coveted 501(c)(3) tax exemption. In the meantime all donations are processed through our fiscal sponsor.

Can I conduct a fundraiser on your behalf?

Yes! Please do! But first we ask that you contact us so we can have a discussion. This will allow us to ensure visions align and the fundraiser can be properly promoted.

I work at a news outlet and would like to interview a member of your team.

Please send us a message or give us a call/text at 207-849-0008. Check out our press page for a list of previous stories.