Skye’s Fitness

When you’re an active 18-year-old, the last thing you want to hear is that you’ll never be able to play sports again. Well, that’s just what Skye Washington was told by a doctor after she tore her ACL during a game of basketball. Lucky for Skye, the doctor was wrong. 

Through strength-building exercises and more than a bit of determination, at the age of 20, Skye earned her certificate as a personal trainer. But despite that massive achievement, she still didn’t feel as though she was “good enough” to start her own studio. So she decided to get more experience in the personal training field.

For the next 10 years, in cities all over the east coast, Skye pursued her passion for personal training with larger employers—most notably Yale New Haven Wellness as well as Pfizer Wellness—honing her skills instructing a variety of fitness classes, including: zumba, barre, dance, and H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training).

But then something happened. Skye saw the press conference held by the family of Breonna Taylor—a woman unjustly killed by police in her own apartment in Louisville, KY. In Breonna Taylor’s family, Skye saw an inspiring sort of courage. Despite the tragedy of what happened to Breonna, they were still willing to put themselves out there, in the public eye, and say what they knew was true. Skye was inspired. 

Skye found the courage to put herself out there, to decide that she was indeed “good enough” to take a leap of faith. So Skye bought a studio of her own in Bangor, her hometown. In that studio, for the past two years, she has built a personal fitness space with an avid following—solo strength-training appointments book more than a month out. That space is Skye Fitness.

Skye’s personal fitness is both tailored and accessible. You can join in on one of her many group classes, featuring Barre, Dance, H.I.I.T. or her “Back on Track” course for those looking to get back into fitness at their own pace.

Skye’s philosophy mimics her own story: You can and you will. Getting in shape shouldn’t be a punishment. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can achieve.

With Skye Fitness, you’ll find a training regimen that is intentional, professional, and effective. And you’ll find that Skye helps to push you beyond what you thought was possible for your own fitness. Skye’s journey showed her that she was capable of so much more, and she wants to share that feeling of empowerment with everyone who steps into her studio.

You can find and book appointments and classes right through her site at: 

Written by our fabulous volunteer blogger Brett Willis