Episode 4 - Grant Writing for For-Profit Businesses: Genius Black and Rose Barboza discuss applicable skills and knowledge for grant writing. Based on feedback from the first One Maine Group pilot cohort, they are offering basic, technical grant-writing advice and specific sources for For-Profit grants in Maine. They cover the general approach to writing a grant, how to understand the application process, and the importance of clarity - over 'fanciness'. They dig into the need to communicate both emotionally and qualitatively. Then they focus on state-oriented grants and outline a series of grant-giving organizations throughout Maine. They cover the Maine DECD, MTI, CEI, and some of the funds coming into Maine to support after COVID-19 have negatively impacted many businesses.
Black Owned Maine Podcast

One Maine Group: The Resources

Episode 2A - Resources - Finding Resources and Becoming a Resource (Part A): Genius Black and Martha Bentley (Director of Economic Development at Maine Department of Economic and Community Development) discuss ways to demystify business resources, how Martha thinks about systems change, opportunities, and the responsibility to create new connections in the social change ecosystem - "loosening the roots" as we call it. They explore the roles entrepreneurs need to occupy for each other, encouraging up-and-coming businesses to practice taking risks. Follow Martha on Twitter.  Episode 2B - Resources - Finding Resources and Becoming a Resource (Part B): Genius Black and Sherry Butler discuss how giving exposure to Black-owned businesses around the Dallas - Fort Worth area was Sherry’s initial goal. Now she is the administrator of a large Facebook group called “Black Owned Businesses around DFW,” and actively curates the experience and promotions within the group. They discuss how Sherry utilized her local "Pan-African Connection," and the local SBA who is exploring diversity. Sherry encourages entrepreneurs to trust their intuition to guide them. She also exposed ‘front’ businesses who falsely appeal to African Americans, as if they are ‘Black’ owned. The trickery is real. 
Black Owned Maine Podcast

One Maine Group: The Mindset

Episode 1 - The Mindset: Genius Black and Gimbala Sankare discuss the mindset needed to be a successful entrepreneur. They talk about Fintech, and the need to demystify financial planning, the current status of the American Dream, and explore a problem-solving mental 'circuit jump'. And we learn about Gimbala's beginnings in Ghana, and how that translated to the Bronx, USA! Gain perspective, inspiration, and knowledge about an effective mindset. (Since this recording, Gimbala has accepted a position as Head of Talent Acquisition for the National Basketball Association {NBA} )
Black Owned Maine Podcast

One Maine Group: The Vision

Episode 0- The Vision: Outlines our plans to create a pilot BIPOC business incubator, in a state that is entrepreneur-friendly but lacking resources for the BIPOC experience.
Genius Black, Rose, and The Artist Mitch discuss decolonization, finding one’s true path, Native American ownership of these lands, and the ever evolving relationship between Native elders and youth. Mitch is raising funds to cover the costs associated with her upcoming sacred home birth and the transition into motherhood. See the link below to make a contribution.
Genius Black and Gaby Barboza talk racial disparities in healing, spiritual bypassing, the prevalence of toxic positivity, and the adverse effects of being stuck in fight or flight mode. Includes a Bonus: Gaby guides you and Genius Black through a body meditation. Get comfy family.  Vibes and Blessings.
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South Portland Black Student Union

Join members of the South Portland Black Student Union- Anyek, Petros, and Fiona, as they discuss life growing up Black in South Portland, Maine, as well as their work in the community.
Black Owned Maine Podcast

Echoes of Old Systems featuring Ali Ali

Ali Ali came to the U.S. from Ethiopia as a child in 1999. As a teenager, Ali was incarcerated at Long Creek Youth Development Center in South Portland, first briefly and then, after a parole violation, for 18 months. While at Long Creek, he quickly got his GED, then started taking college classes and joined a theater program that focuses on the stories of incarcerated youth. He became artistic director of Maine Inside Out, which runs those programs, after his release.
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Mosart Nuñez

Genius Black and Mosart talk about the fight for racial justice, youth leadership, and creativity.