Strategic Plan


To achieve our vision of success, the following five priorities and key strategies will guide the organization’s focus:

  1. Supporting Black-owned businesses in Maine by aligning programming to enable Black businesses to thrive.
    Strategic Priority #1 focuses on improving Black business outcomes through increased access to funding, technical assistance, and marketing with targeted outcomes of improving the sustainability of Black businesses.
  2. Fostering Community by expanding social opportunities, curating cultural events, and distributing individual mutual aid.
    Strategic Priority #2 focuses on enabling individuals to meet immediate financial needs and creating fun cultural events that remove barriers of professionalism and provide opportunities for the Black community (especially those under 40) to congregate, celebrate culture and entrepreneurship, and socialize.
  3. Growing awareness with donors, partners, and the community by strengthening the understanding of what the organization does and who it serves by tying the value provided to shared goals.
    Strategic Priority #3 is dedicated to growing awareness of the organization through targeted messaging to provide clarity on BOM’s mission, values, services, and involvement opportunities for Black entrepreneurs, donors, and the community.
  4. Expanding reach and influence by engaging strategically with the diverse Black community scattered across Maine and influential community stakeholders.
    Priority #4 is focused on expanding the organization’s reach into the communities that need us most. Reach is achieved through three key approaches 1) diversifying the cultural representation, 2) geographic inclusion of areas outside of Portland, and 3) directory expansion. Influence includes alliances with influential organizations and leaders that affect Black entrepreneurship.
  5. Sustaining the organization by developing the board and staff, achieving sustainable operations, and diversifying partnerships and funding.

Prepared by Godis Jackson of Gadfly Consulting, LLC and Rose Barboza