501 Forest Ave
Portland, Maine
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GCSM is a non-profit organization created to support the wellbeing of immigrants and refugees. It was founded in order to help improve the mental health status of people in Maine. GCSM offers support while creating opportunities for connection between immigrant, refugee, and asylee community members and their neighbors. They provide community support, counseling, case management and specialized services designed for all people, including refugees and immigrants, who have experienced trauma. They have offices in Portland, Lewiston, Augusta, and Biddeford. For more information about specific programming and services please visit their website.

Nonprofit: Community Resource and Immigration, based in Lewiston and Portland

LLC: Mental Health and Community Support, based in Augusta, Lewiston, and Portland.

Languages Spoken: Somali, English, Arabic
Gate Way community service Logo
Abdullahi of Gateway Community Resources (Portland)
Kid's painting sponsored by Gateway Community Resources (Portland)
Gateway Community Resources (Portland)
Gateway Community Resources (Portland) exercising
Group photo of team Gateway Community Resources (Portland)