South Portland, Maine

Genius Black, also known as Jerry Edwards, is a social innovator, entrepreneur, and musical artist based in South Portland, Maine. Naturally a storyteller and motivator, he focuses on collaboration and audio/ video production as a craft. 

Genius represents a collaborative network and collective of musical talent, GEM CITY, driving the intersection of art, culture, and quality of place unique to Maine’s coast. He holds a degree in Africana Studies and an English minor from Bowdoin College. He is the father of two teenagers, 16 and 19 years old. He recently launched Maine’s Black Future podcast with the Maine Monitor, focusing on historical and current influential Black Mainers. 

Genius is a Media and Communications Organizer for TheThirdPlace and a proud Portland Media Center board member.

Genius is for hire when you need original music production, podcast theme music composition, presentation skills coaching, or grant writing.

Languages Spoken: English