South Portland, Maine
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The Maine’s Black Future podcast boldly visits stories of historic Black Mainers and the legacies they carved into the state. Then we connect longstanding history to Black changemakers weaving Maine’s Black future today!

We define terminology, keep it real, and invite you to connect deeply with Black Mainers creating the future that we want to live in. We showcase Black excellence occurring all over Maine and feature original music production from the GEM CITY Maine collective, throughout.

Host Genius Black opens each episode with a story from Maine’s Black history. Later in the episode, Genius sits down and interviews a Black Mainer influencing culture and life in the state of Maine.

The Podcast is produced by Genius and The Maine Monitor, and recorded at Portland Media Center. The podcast airs monthly on 107.9 FM WJZP.

We are counteracting erasure and recognizing Black excellence all over Maine!

The Maine’s Black Future podcast is currently looking for sponsors and like-minded organizations for support.

Genius is open to speaking engagements and community conversations surrounding the podcast and relevant topics.

Languages Spoken: English