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Portland, Maine
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“Indigo Arts Alliance”. A premier artist in residency and cultural incubator in Portland, ME, the Indigo Arts Alliance is committed to the artistic development of Black and Brown Artists through programming, partnerships, and bolstering creative global communities. Through these efforts, the Indigo Arts Alliance embodies a Black-led, multiracial approach to the rich intersections of citizenship, community-building, and creativity. Freedom of expression and personal transformation through creativity is encouraged. More than ever, our world needs people who can help us imagine more compassionate, generous, and welcoming human societies. Indigo does that work. It is a great gift to the Portland community, to the region, and to our nation! Indigo Arts Alliance is rooted in two principles:

1. Art is a key resource for healthy human communities. It should be cultivated and celebrated.

2. Artists play a unique role in strengthening our multiracial democracy. We need their vision and inspiration to help build a more humane, inclusive, and just world.

By creating opportunities for Black and Brown artists through a renowned artist in residency program, the Alliance provides opportunities for artists from diverse backgrounds to engage in their creative process with an opportunity to serve as both mentors and mentees. An integral aspect of the Indigo vision is to provide Maine based artists of African descent access to a broader range of practicing artists of color from around the world.

Artist in Residency programs continue throughout the year. Apply now! Should you or your organization seek a partnership to support Black and Brown communities in Maine and abroad, please visit their website.

Languages Spoken: English