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One Maine Group: Grant Writing for For-Profit Businesses

Grant Writing for For-Profit Businesses

Episode Notes

One Maine Group is a strategic partnership developed by Black Owned Maine (“BOM”) and Providentia Group (“Providentia”) to cultivate BIPOC economic agency and power that has been dampened by historical inequities and systemic disparities. One Maine is launching 2021 programming to determine what works to nurture and sustain the entrepreneurial aspirations for BIPOC Mainers.

“One Maine Group’s primary contributor takes you through their vision of informing and equipping BIPOC entrepreneurs in Maine. They offer perspectives on creating, learning, and engaging in the process of launching or growing a business. They reveal how offerings will focus on identifying resources, mindset/ approach, job creation, and innovation all throughout Maine.”

Episode 4 – Grant Writing for For-Profit Businesses: Genius Black and Rose Barboza discuss applicable skills and knowledge for grant writing. Based on feedback from the first One Maine Group pilot cohort, they are offering basic, technical grant-writing advice and specific sources for For-Profit grants in Maine. They cover the general approach to writing a grant, how to understand the application process, and the importance of clarity – over ‘fanciness’. They dig into the need to communicate both emotionally and qualitatively. Then they focus on state-oriented grants and outline a series of grant-giving organizations throughout Maine. They cover the Maine DECD, MTI, CEI, and some of the funds coming into Maine to support after COVID-19 have negatively impacted many businesses.

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