Dane Morgan is a Portland based DJ who has had quite an involvement in the community. His club is an "affordable upscale" environment. He also used his skills to play some pro-black artists and clips…
Art & Music, Weddings & Events
Online Business
The Alpha Legal Foundation is a non-profit organization working to diversify Maine's legal profession. Our work is built on three pillars. We reach out. We create community by convening current BIPOC lawyers and law school…
Attorneys & Law Firms, Education, Nonprofits
Portland, Maine
Antoine Walton has been a realtor for over 3 years and prides himself in giving customer satisfaction. Antoine is a part of Keller Williams Realtor where he emphasizes the importance of hard work and integrity.…
Home & Commercial
Basically we offers a supportive haven, understanding language and culture, providing crucial help, and fostering education for successful integration.
Cultural Organizations, Nonprofits
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ZFD is a dining service catered to everyone. We want to make your food dreams come to life, with the utmost beautiful experience. We provide services such as Private Dinners, Catering, and Solo Eats.
Catering, Restaurants
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G Painting and Services offers a variety of interior and exterior work for both commercial and residential settings. Our services include painting, repairs, cleaning, demolition, remodeling e.t.c
Home & Commercial
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His music is Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Electronic, Spoken Word, and Live music.
Art & Music
I sell gems and semi precious minerals. The specimens I have for sale are reasonably priced. They have a variety of uses from healing ceremonies to jewelry making. As well as stone cutting and polishing.
Holistic Wellness
We look to advocate as change agents for Black & Brown individuals, or any of our BIPOC brothers and sisters, to end systemic racism in all places, beginning with Maine communities. We do this by…
Business + Consulting
Portland , Maine
Felix Hageniamana is Immigration lawyer in Portland ME. His law firm Hagenimana Law specializes in immigration law. He has previously worked as a linguist, translator, and consultant for the BBC and a student attorney in…
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