Lewiston , Maine
Al- Fatah Variety Store is a Clothing store, grocery and Convenience Stores located at 260 Lisbon Street, Lewiston, Maine .
Apparel & Accessories, Grocery & Convenience Stores
Stream Reggae is a band that performs music of the reggae genre. This group performs at events. Some of the events they've performed at includes weddings, cafes, and even Funky Bow Brewery. For more on…
Art & Music
The Burundi Community Association of Maine brings Burundian people together in their new home in Maine. President- Philémon Dushimire
Cultural Organizations
Online Business
Biography Titi de Baccarat is a multidisciplinary African artist, ­­at once painter, sculptor, jeweler, clothing designer, writer, activist and more. His authentic style is based on the use of heterogeneous materials which gives his works…
Art & Music
Falmouth, Maine
Direct Community Sales
Better Letter is a four-way partnership between sign painters and artists Will Sears, Tessa O’Brien, Ryan Adams, & Rachel Adams.
Art & Music
Portland , Maine
I & C Express Cleaners is a premier Angolan-owned residential cleaning company in Portland, ME. Ismael Beti Alexandre Ndombasi is the owner of the company. They're dedicated to providing top-quality cleaning services for residential properties…
Home & Commercial
Portland, Maine
Embodied Equity Consulting (EEC) is a Maine-based organization focused on ending white supremacy culture through centering the experiences, voices, and leadership of Black, Brown, Indigenous,
Business + Consulting
Residential and commercial Real estate agent servicing the greater Portland area and surrounding communities.
Home & Commercial
Sustainable Livelihoods Relief Organization aims to develop the capacity of New Mainers to become productive members of society and integrate successfully into the labor market as both employees and business owners in order to raise…
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