Augusta, Maine
Milliennium Kutz is a neighborhood barbershop in Augusta specializing in cutting men’s hair.
Beauty & Barbers
Portland, Maine
I am a freelance translator/interpreter and I translate/interpret for individuals, businesses such as law firms, and language agencies. My mission is to help the Limited English Persons who speak French, Kirundi, Kinyarwanda, and Swahili communicate…
Interpreting & Translation
Waterville, Maine
The Colby African Society (CAS) serves as a cultural and social support base for all students of African descent.
Cultural Organizations
"Naturally dyed rambouillet and alpaca/rambouillet wool blend yarns from our farm and other regional small farms. We also carry other wool yarns depending upon what we come across in our search,
Art & Music, Farming
The Institute provides trainings and certifications for professionals working in assisted living facilities and residential care communities.
Lisbon, Maine
Participates in the Fresh Start Farms and Kennedy Park Farmers Markets
Online Business
My expertise is in clinical social work with an emphasis on cultural diversity. As an activist I bring a social justice perspective to my work.
Mental Health
Dane Morgan is a Portland based DJ who has had quite an involvement in the community. His club is an "affordable upscale" environment. He also used his skills to play some pro-black artists and clips…
Art & Music, Weddings & Events
Portland , Maine
R&M cleaning service is a Black owned business by two women from different countries. These women took the knowledge of cleaning they were taught growing up and turned it to a passion, then a business…
Home & Commercial
Biddeford, Maine
We are Medical Marijuana Delivery Service located in Biddeford, with Portland, Gorham and Westbrook Listings on weedmaps and Leafly. Also a Traveling Massage Therapist.
Cannabis Dispensaries & Caregivers, Holistic Wellness
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