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Portland, Maine
"Our slogan is "Music without Limits"; When providing music and media service, we believe that it should be provided without limits. You may ask yourself "what does that mean?".
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Portland, Maine
DJ RRUG EVENTS.LLC is an event management company involved into hosting musicians, performers, Deejay services such as wedding DJ , Private events , Birthdays, Silent disco, day time festivals e.t.c
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Portland, Maine
The visual artist who was born and raised in Kigali, Rwanda. My life spent has continued to instill in me a drive that not only includes a growing respect and admiration for what most of…
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Portland, Maine
Portland-based creative powerhouse: Expert photographer, videographer, media planner, and fashion stylist. Crafting visuals, stories, and style.
Lola enodi of Le valable
Portland, Maine
Music Production , Hip-Hop R&B
OL- DU the artists
Auburn, Maine
A writer and artist based out of Auburn, ME. Jason uses his pen to describe what he sees in the world around him with a writing style that can paint any mood.
South Portland, Maine
Genius Black, also known as Jerry Edwards, is a social innovator, entrepreneur, and musical artist based in South Portland, Maine. Naturally a storyteller and motivator, he focuses on collaboration and audio/ video production as a…
It is a black business owned by Jamaica ford and she specializes on Hand designed jewelry and art.
Born in New Orleans, raised in rural Louisiana and now based in Portland, Maine, Rodney Mashia has been touching hearts and making folks smile for decades with his music. Music for and from the heart,
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